Contact info for each practitioner:

Elliott Strick: 860-231-8459 ext. 101

Deanna Chvatal: 860-231-8459 ext. 102

John Beazoglou: 860-810-5950

Scott Vallancourt: 203-300-6976

Kyoko Shirane: 860-231-8459 ext. 104

Alicia O’Hara: 916-524-8907

For general information about West Hartford Therapy Center, email us at:

West Hartford Therapy Center LLC

10 North Main Street, Suite 214

West Hartford, CT 06107

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Map for West Hartford Therapy Center

We are located in the heart of West Hartford center at the crossroads of Farmington Avenue and North Main Street:

Front Entrance

West Hartford Therapy Center

10 N. Main St, West Hartford, CT.


Entrance to the parking lot is to the left of the front entrance.

Rear Entrance

West Hartford Therapy Center

(parking lot behind the building)

10 North Main Street   •   Suite 214   •   West Hartford, CT 06107   •   860-231-8459