"We have been married for over 20 years and for the past several years there has been almost no intimacy between us, and we don’t want to get a divorce."

"My wife and I have been arguing and fighting, and it has led to days of silence between us. We love each other but we seem to get stuck in the same pattern every time there is a disagreement."

"I have had episodes at work where my temper has gotten a little out of control and I recently received a warning from my boss that if it happens again I could lose my job."

"I have suffered with depression and anxiety for many years and have never come to therapy because I was taught that if I just worked hard enough I could overcome anything and also because I was taught that seeing a therapist was a sign of weakness."

"I am a young single gay man and all of my romantic relationships seem to fall apart quickly.  I have no idea what I'm doing wrong.  I feel lonely, desperate and sad most of the time."

"I'm having difficulty with emotional and physical intimacy in my relationship and I’m worried that it is because I was sexually abused as a child."

"Both of my parents had problems with alcohol when I was a child, and I am beginning to question that this could be the reason I have been unable to make a commitment with any of my romantic partners."

"My girlfriend and I have been in a long term relationship for a few years.  Lately, we've been arguing a lot, saying mean things to each other, yet we both are very much in love, and want to get married and have children. We need help with communication."

"We are a newly blended family with children from previous marriages.  There is a lot of conflict among the children and we have very different approaches to parenting."

"I recently learned that my husband was having an affair, and despite his repeated assurances that the affair is over, I am unable to trust him."

"My best friend recently died and I can't seem to stop crying.  My sadness is very deep and feels endless."

Why Seek Psychotherapy?

There are many reasons to seek psychotherapy. Below are some examples of problems that people have shared with us over the many years we have been in practice. Maybe you have a similar problem and do not know who to approach for help, guidance and support.


Contact one of our therapists today. We are confident that we can help you. Our meetings are confidential with the sole focus to help you with compassion and respect.

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